Ushers MinistryUshers MinistryUshers Ministry

Ushers are the front line of hospitality and evangelism for the church.  We as ushers will be trained in hospitality and interacting with guest, visitors and other people.

We are aware of emergency procedures and what should be done if someone becomes ill or an emergency occurs.  Being an usher is more than being the Gate Keeper of the Church, for it is genuinely welcoming everyone who comes into the church.

True hospitality comes first, when putting visitors first.  Visitor's need a little more attention than regulars.  It is our job to direct visitors and especially make them feel welcomed.

Tithes and Offerings

At Crosslight, tithes and offering are taken during the worship service.  So as an usher you go to the front with a basket.  People can sing, jump, dance and shout their way to the front praising the Lord as they give.