The Worship Ministry is a team of volunteers that work together, using their God-given gifts and musical abilities, to bring a sacrifice of praise before the Lord.

Praise is a celebration of God and giving him honor and takes on many forms.  Contemporary music, formal hymns, dance, shouting, etc. However, praise always gives glory to God for who He is and what he has done.  Worship is more of a reverence and awe of God, an attitude of the heart.  The greatest form of worship one can give to God is obedience.  True worship comes from within and doesn't always have an outward show.

So why do we name ourselves Worship Ministry?  Worship has various forms, but it basically is the way one expresses love and adoration to one's God.  It can be through music, dance, silent communing of the soul and many other avenues.  Crosslight Family Ministries believes that Praise and Worship are an integral part of our weekly services. 

The Worship Team gives a musical voice, allowing our awe of God to become vocal and draw fellow believers in unity of song.  We bring our musical talents before the Lord in obedience and our awe of our God flows through us in musical worship.

 "Let us sing to the Lord!  Let us shout joyfully to the Rock of our salvation."  Psalm 95:1

Worship TeamWorship Team