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Posted 3/14/2018

Morning “MO”   

 "Search me, O God, and know my heart; try me, and know my anxieties"              Psa. 139:23

 Asking God to know us can become a trying experience. Just as any evaluation exposes good and bad, accomplishment and need, triumph and defeats, an evaluation by the Spirit of God can lead to some anxiety. When we remember that God does all things for our good, it can relieve us of the pressure of performance for Him and for others. God is looking for willing hearts. Hearts that are ready to be revealed, ready to be searched, ready to have an encounter with this power of God that will purge, purify, and cleanse. As the light from a lighthouse sweeps across the waters, it has really only one task-----to dispel the darkness and reveal hidden dangers in the murky water below. The result is safety and protection for the ship along the shoreline.

God's light can serve a similar function in our hearts and lives. When we open our hearts to Him, the light of His love reveals the dangers and obstacles that lay hidden below the surface. Asking God to search our heart and help us see those things that could lead us to unwise choices and destructive behaviors and will allow His will to be preformed in our lives and not just our own personal desires. His will is for our best and the light of His Word will bring us to a place of encountering new revelation, regeneration, and His exaltation. His light is always gentle and leads to safety and truth.

Pastor Paul Scheumack