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Posted 2/6/2018
Morning “MO

Acts 4:13   “They recognized that they had been with Jesus”

When I spend time with Jesus, I am soaking in His presence. That soaking becomes the fragrance of light and life that so many others long for. 
Soaking in Hi
s presence requires a dwelling in His presence. It’s not a casual moment or even an occasional encounter.
When I soak in Him He overflows me. As I take Him in, He pours Himself out. It’s through this input and output that people recognize that I have
been with Him. When I spend that time His Spirit shows through us. This
becomes my true identity. I see differently, I hear differently. I love deeper,
and I sacrifice with joy. When
I spend time with Him I give Him the worship He deserves for His majesty and His holiness. It causes me to love
Him for His mercy and His grace. As I stay near Him it developed my character and it begins to reflect His character. No greater joy can we have
than to be recognized as having been with the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Let your Light Shine.