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Posted 1/16/2018

“Then God said’ “Let there be Light and it was good;”

 Isn’t it amazing that the very first command of God in the beginning was ‘let there be Light’. God didn’t need to create Light; He just spoke it into our reality. John tells us that in the beginning was the Light and He became flesh and dwelt among us. We clearly see that the Light John is referencing is the spoken Word. He ,Who is Light always was, but not until He appeared in Word were we able to comprehend Him. Because God inhabits His Word, when we speak it, the Light of the Word shines out. For us to experience Light, God had to speak it, and the same holds true for others. God saw the Light, that it was good. Don’t we all feel relieved and refreshed once the light of day comes? We are relieved from darkness, and it is good. Light in reference to its effect on darkness is not limited to the natural light of the sun. It also references the effect of eternal light on the soul through exposure to the Word, Who is Light. Once spoken, it separates that which is of the night and that which is of the day. Letting our Light shine, Who is the Light in us, will bring the Day to someone who is surrounded by darkness. And that’s  “Very Good”.

 Pastor Paul Scheumack